About Me

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Here is a summary of my web development skill / experience and my professional work history.





Career History

  1. Launch of Kelp rebrand and new headless website.
  2. 40% growth at Kelp!
  3. Started StonkLights.
  4. Helped grow Kelp to 5 people.
  5. Started creative agency Kelp and working for myself full time.
  6. Created and launched Spinstak's custom eCommerce platform first responsive designs.
  7. Started working for Marketing Agency SMS in Brooksville, FL.
  8. Help grow Bluleadz from 7 employees to 17+ employees.
  9. Started working for Inbound Marketing Agency Bluleadz in Tampa, FL.
  10. Promoted to Web Designer Team Lead
  11. First full-time position as a Junior Web Designer in Tampa, FL.
  12. Started Stefen Phelps Web Design and doing freelance work on a frequent basis.
  13. First (paid) website gig.

Here's some random things, foods, and places I enjoy along with some major events in my life.

Random things


Foods I like

Places / Times

Personal Milestones

  1. Ran first 25k and 22k races.
  2. Minivan owner achievement unlocked.
  3. 10 years married!
  4. Made another baby and moved into new home.
  5. Sold our house and start building process.
  6. Made another baby.
  7. Made another baby.
  8. Made a baby.
  9. Bought a house.
  10. Moved to Florida and got married.
  11. Associates degree.
  12. Graduated high school.

If you'd like to learn more about what I'm into go check out some of my writing.