What is a Launchpad Website?

What a Launchpad Website Isn’t…

Typically, when you start a traditional website re-design, the designer will create a wireframe of every key page on the website during what we call the wireframe phase. Once the overall design is approved, the designer will create pixel-perfect mockup of each of those key pages. It will then get coded, the content will be written at some point and the website will then be launched.

This seems simple enough, except for the fact that it can take several months from start to finish to get all necessary approvals and assets together. What you end up with is stale content, a design that’s already falling behind the tide and a bad user experience.

Discover Your Minimum Viable Product

One of Growth Driven Design’s major selling points is the launchpad website. A launchpad website fixes the above issues by changing the way one thinks about a website redesign.

Instead of trying to get everything completely squared away before launching the finished product and making guesses as to what the user wants, you create a minimum viable product that can be produced in the quickest amount of time and have the biggest impact. You do this by using the 80/20 rule, which allows you to identify 20% of the action items that will have 80% of the overall impact.

Get a product out there in the quickest amount of time, and from there you can make small adjustments based on user data. This approach to launching a website is more akin to how Google launches new products.

Your Website as a Minimum Viable Product

Launchpad websites will look different for different businesses and industries. A launchpad website will usually include a home page, services/product page and a landing page depending on the purpose of the website.

This doesn’t mean you have to delete the old website in it’s entirety, but maybe you only include the launchpad website in the main navigation and go from there. Remember, a launchpad website is just the beginning.

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