eCommerce Website on a Budget

WooCommerce + WordPress = (mostly) Free eCommerce Site

The Brooksville boutique Pearl Porch wanted to sell some of it’s most popular ‘wares online for people that aren’t local. They wanted something low-maintenance that won’t cost them a fortune to keep up and running. We decided to go with a self-hosted WordPress install using the WooCommerce plugin. Using this combination means they only have to pay hosting (~$100/year) and the typical credit card processing fees when a purchase is made. The closest eCommerce competitor is SquareSpace which would be a little over double that at $200+ a year in addition to the credit card processing fees.

Unique Theme Features

The home page design features a background video shot on-site. I used a fish eye lens GoPro for an immersive style shot that I think really shows off their shop’s unique atmosphere.

WooCommerce Grows with Your Business

The pros to using the most popular CMS for your eCommerce website is it’s easy to find plugins and developers to extend the functionality and features of your site as your business grows.